Welcome to the 9th annual Alberta Energy Challenge (AEC), hosted by the University of Alberta School of Business. 


AEC is a business case competition focused on exploring the opportunities and challenges present in the dynamic energy sector. AEC will bring together top students from around the world and provide them with an unparalleled opportunity to further develop and explore their interests in energy and the environment.


Teams of four post-secondary students from each participating institution will be asked to research and develop a comprehensive and innovative solution to a real time challenge presented by one of Alberta’s energy companies.  An interdisciplinary panel of industry and academic consultants will be made available to the delegates to augment their understanding of key problems and comment on the feasibility of proposed alternatives.


The competition culminates on the final day where each team presents their analysis and ideas to a distinguished panel of judges, including senior representatives of sponsoring firms along with leading professionals in the Alberta energy sector. 


The competition will be held at the University of Alberta and other local venues in Edmonton, Alberta, from September 25-29th, 2019.  Each team will be appointed a local ambassador responsible for taking care of many of their needs from arrival until departure. These ambassadors will be well acquainted with the City of Edmonton, and able to help the participants make the trip both rewarding and enjoyable.




Teams will be allotted approximately 36 hours to complete their research. Teams will have full internet access, and the case sponsor will be looking for a comprehensive and educated business solution.

During the competition, teams will have limited access to various student and professional consultants to help provide the most concise solution possible  given the vast extent of possibilities within the energy industry. The consultants provided will have a range of expertise, and will provide a limited number of consulting hours over the duration of the competition. 


AEC uses the Texas-Style Case Competition, in which judges are allowed to interrupt the presentation to ask questions. This encourages delegates to create flexible presentations and anticipate judge questions.

Teams should be able to quickly move between slides to maximize time spent addressing questions. Questions from judges should be promptly acknowledged and answered in a straightforward fashion to best utilize presentation time.


Schools are invited to express interest in participating. The first 9 teams to respond will have a spot held for them, providing that future registration deadlines are met.

To hold a spot for your school, please email the appropriate Alberta Energy Challenge’s VP of Delegate Relations as soon as possible. 


For more information, our Delegate Package can be found here:


Delegates Relations Contact: Kuziva Denzel at   


If you are interested in paying the team registration fee online please press the button below:






If you are interested in sponsoring the Alberta Energy Challenge more information can be found in our Sponsorship Package here: 




Email our VPs with any questions



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An international case competition that focuses on one of Canada's largest industries, oil and gas!

Teams from all across Canada and the US are given 36 hours to solve a case and compete.

We provide an experience that prepares the most innovative and determined students for the workforce. 

As the industry searches for a way to transition into sustainable energy resources, AEC is an incredible opportunity to learn from experienced professionals. 


Alberta Energy Challenge
September 25-29 2019








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